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Summary of Carbon Footprint for Listed Companies    上市公司碳足跡摘要

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Part 1 Reporting Entity Information
第一部分 報告機構資料

1.1 Company information    公司資料

Name of reporting entity:
Stock code:   
Hang Seng Industry Classification   恆生行業分類(HSIC):
(i) Industry:      行業:
(ii) Sector:       業務類別:

1.2 Basis of information reported in this form (e.g. weblink(s) to the carbon audit report, GHG accounting report, Environmental, Social and Governance report (ESG report) or sustainability report (GHG emission-related chapter) of the reporting entity, etc)
報告內容的基礎 (例如:報告機構的碳審計報告、溫室氣體排放核算報告、「環境、社會及管治報告」或可持續發展報告(與溫室氣體排放有關的章節)之網絡連結等):

Attachment 附件 Additional files upload if any (not more than 3 files, not exceeding 2Mb per file)    上載附件檔案(如有)(不多於3個檔案及每個檔案少於2MB)
Please upload with file format in.doc,.docx, .pdf,.jpg,.gif,.zip, .rar .xlsx or .xls. 請上傳格式為 .doc, .docx, .pdf, . jpg, .gif, .zip, .rar, .xlsx或.xls的文件。

File Description  文件描述  

File Description  文件描述  

File Description  文件描述  

Part 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
第二部分 溫室氣體排放

2.1 GHG Emission Data   溫室氣體排放數據

To (至)
GHG Accounting Standard / Guideline:
溫室氣體核算標準 / 指引:
EPD/ EMSD Guidelines   環境保護署/ 機電工程署指引
GHG Protocol   溫室氣體議定書
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14064   國際標準化組織 (ISO) 14064
Others, please specify: (其他,請說明:)

Operational boundary Note 1 GHG emissions (direct and indirect) and removals in relation to the buildings can be broadly classified into three separate scopes as below – Scope 1 – direct emissions and removals; Scope 2 – energy indirect emissions; and Scope 3 – other indirect emissions. The definitions of Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions can be found in the "Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Buildings (Commercial, Residential or Institutional Purposes) in Hong Kong (2010 Edition)":
營運邊界 備註 1 與建築物有關的溫室氣體排放(直接或間接)及減除,可概括分為以下三個不同的範圍 –
  • 範圍 1 -- 直接溫室氣體排放及減除;
  • 範圍 2 -- 使用能源間接引致的溫室氣體排放;以及
  • 範圍 3 -- 其他間接溫室氣體排放。
有關溫室氣體排放範圍 1、2及3的定義,可參照《香港建築物 (商業、住宅或公共用途) 的溫室氣體排放及減除的核算和報告指引》 (2010年版):
Brief descriptions on emission sources
Emission data
Scope 1   範圍 1:
Brief descriptions on emission sources
Emission data
tonnes CO2-e   (公噸二氧化碳當量)
Scope 2   範圍 2:
Brief descriptions on emission sources
Emission data
tonnes CO2-e   (公噸二氧化碳當量)
Scope 3   範圍 3:
Brief descriptions on emission sources
Emission data
tonnes CO2-e   (公噸二氧化碳當量)
Reported GHG emissions in total:
tonnes CO2-e   (公噸二氧化碳當量)

2.2 Company related information   與公司有關的資料

Total number of full-time-equivalent employees of the entity(s) covered in the reported GHG emission data during the reporting period:
Total gross floor area owned/controlled by the entity(s) covered in the reported GHG emission data during the reporting period (m2):
報告期內溫室氣體排放數據所涵蓋機構擁有/ 控制的總樓面面積(平方米):
Total revenue of the entity(s) covered in the reported GHG emission data during the reporting period (HK$ million):
Other information which is relevant to the entity's business operations covered in the reported GHG emissions during the reporting period, please specify (e.g., total no. of passengers, total no. of customers, total unit of goods produced, total no. of hotel rooms occupied, total kWh electricity generated, or total measures of freight load, etc.):
報告期內溫室氣體排放數據所涵蓋機構的其他有關營運資料,請說明 (例如:乘客總人數、顧客總人數、製成產品總數量、酒店入住房間總數、總發電量(千瓦/小時)或貨運總量等):

2.3 Geographical coverage of reported GHG emission data   所報告的溫室氣體排放數據地域範圍:

Operations within Hong Kong   香港以內的營運
Operations outside Hong Kong (Please specify city(ies)/country(ies))   香港以外的營運 (請說明城市/國家名稱):
Please list out the subsidiaries covered in the GHG emission data during the reporting period:
Additional information on physical boundary in relation to GHG emission reported (if applicable):

Part 3 GHG Emission Reduction Measures, Future Initiatives and Targets
第三部分 減少溫室氣體排放的措施、未來計劃及目標

3.1 GHG emission reduction measures implemented during the Reporting Period

GHG Emission Reduction Measures   減少溫室氣體排放的措施
1 GHG Emission Reduction Measures
2 GHG Emission Reduction Measures
3 GHG Emission Reduction Measures
4 GHG Emission Reduction Measures

3.2 GHG emission reduction measures for future initiatives and targets

Future Initiatives   未來計劃 Target GHG Reduction (Qualitative/ Quantitative)
減排目標 (性質/ 數量)
1 Future Initiatives
Target GHG Reduction (Qualitative/ Quantitative)
減排目標 (性質/ 數量)
2 Future Initiatives
Target GHG Reduction (Qualitative/ Quantitative)
減排目標 (性質/ 數量)
3 Future Initiatives
Target GHG Reduction (Qualitative/ Quantitative)
減排目標 (性質/ 數量)
4 Future Initiatives
Target GHG Reduction (Qualitative/ Quantitative)
減排目標 (性質/ 數量)

Part 4 Renewable Energy
第四部分 可再生能源

4.1 Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme

Has your company joined the FiT Scheme?
Renewable Energy Technology
( kW 千瓦)
( kW 千瓦)

4.2 Renewable Energy (RE) Certificate

Has/Have RE Certificate(s) been purchased?
Purchased from

( kW 千瓦)

( kW 千瓦)

Part 5 Verification information
第五部分 核證

Has verification Note 2The reporting entity is encouraged to carry out verification of the GHG emissions by an independent verifier. Independent verification of GHG emissions can facilitate the management to have better understanding of the carbon footprint of the company's operation and identify areas for improvement, provide credibility and quality assurance on the disclosure of carbon footprint, and enhance the corporate image in respect of transparency and accountability. In Decemeber 2012, the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) introduced accreditation service for ISO 14064 GHG validation and verification for validation/verification bodies' voluntary application. Accredited validation/verification bodies' technical competence is rigorously assessed by HKAS, so that the reliability of their results can be assured. Relevant HKAS-accredited validation/verification bodies, once available, will be announced at HKAS's website at: http://www.itc.gov.hk/en/quality/hkas/hkcas/about.htm been conducted?
是否曾經進行核證? 備註 2我們鼓勵報告機構聘請獨立核證人核證温室氣體排放,温室氣體排放的獨立核證能促使管理層對公司營運引致的碳足跡有更佳的了解,並找出可作改善的地方;此舉亦為所披露的碳足跡資料提供可信性和質量保證,在透明度和問責層面提升企業形象。2012年12月香港認可處就ISO 14064審定和核查推出認可服務,供審定/核查機構自願申請。獲認可審定/核查機構的技術能力由香港認可處進行嚴格評審,因此能確保其審定/核查結果更為可靠。當有獲香港認可處認可的相關審定/核查機構,將在香港認可處網站公布:http://www.itc.gov.hk/ch/quality/hkas/hkcas/about.htm。
Yes – please fill in the blanks below  (是 – 請填寫以下空格)        
No  (否)
Verification body
Verification standard:
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14064-3:2006 - Greenhouse gases - Part 3: Specification with guidance for the validation and verification of greenhouse gas assertions
國際標準化組織 (ISO) 14064-3:2006 – 溫室氣體 - 第3部分:溫室氣體確定的證實和驗證的規範與指南
Others, please specify: (其他,請說明:)
Date of verification:

Remarks (e.g. various verification status for different subsidiaries): 
備註(例如: 各附屬公司的核證情況):

Submission and Declaration of Consent for Disclosure

I hereby submit the completed "Summary of Carbon Footprint for Listed Companies" and supplementary information (where appropriate) to the Environmental Protection Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (EPD) for the purpose of disclosure through the "Carbon Footprint Repository for Listed Companies in Hong Kong".

Name (in Block Letter)  正楷姓名:

Job Title/Position  職位:

Company Name  公司名稱:

Company Address  公司地址:

Telephone No.  聯絡電話:

Fax No.  傳真:

E-mail  電郵:

Date  日期:

Personal Information Collection Statement
個 人 資 料 收 集 聲 明
Purpose of Collection
1. The personal data provided by means of the Summary of Carbon Footprint for Listed Companies (the Summary) will be used by the Environmental Protection Department for one or more of the following purposes: 
a. activities relating to the processing of the Summary; 
b. statistical and any other legitimate purpose; and 
c. to facilitate communication between Government and yourself. 
2. The provision of personal data in the process of your submission of the Summary is voluntary. However, if you do not provide the required information, we may not be able to process the Summary you submitted. 
1. 環境保護署將會把經「上市公司碳足跡摘要」(「摘要」)所收集到的個人資料,用於下列一項或多項用途: 
(甲) 與處理「摘要」有關的工作; 
(乙) 作統計和任何其他法定用途;及 
(丙) 方便政府跟你聯絡。 
2. 提供個人資料純屬自願性質。不過,如果你不提供所需的一切資料,本署未必能夠處理你所提交的「摘要」。 
Classes of Transferees
3. The personal data you provided by means of the Summary may be disclosed to: 
a. other data processors, and other government bureaux and departments for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 1 above; and 
b. other persons as permitted by the relevant legislation. 
3. 你在「摘要」上提供的個人資料,本署可能會向下列人士披露: 
(甲) 索取該等資料以作上文第一段用途的其他資料處理者,和其他政府決策局及部門;及 
(乙) 按有關法例獲准的其他人士。 
Access to Personal Data
4. Subject to provisions under section 18 and 22 and principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have a right of access and correction with respect to your personal data. Your right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of the personal data provided for the Summary.
5. Enquiries concerning the personal data collected by means of the Summary and request for access and making correction of personal data collected should be addressed to the following:
Senior Environmental Protection Officer (Knowledge Management),
Environmental Protection Department,
33/F, Revenue Tower 
5 Gloucester Road
Hong Kong
4. 你有權查閱及更正所提供的個人資料,惟該權利受個人資料(私隱)條例第18條及第22條及附表1第6原則的規限。你的查閱權利包括可向本署索取你就「摘要」所提供的個人資料副本。
5. 關於個人資料的查詢,以及查閱和提出更正所提供個人資料的要求,可來信致函以下地址: