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Climate change is a global concern, with no exception in Hong Kong. Every global citizen has a role to play to combat climate change, and there is also higher expectation on government as well as large corporations around the world.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions arising from human activities is a key action for everybody to take to combat climate change. Conducting carbon audit is a common first step of action. It helps assess the carbon performance and identify room for emission reduction in an organization. It is a cornerstone for saving energy as well as taking forward other low carbon and green measures. This is also being widely practised in overseas jurisdictions.


The Government has been proactively promoting carbon audit in the community since July 2008, when it published the first carbon audit guideline for buildings in Hong Kong.

KS Wong, Secretary for the Environment

KS Wong 
Secretary for the Environment

To facilitate listed companies to take lead in the community to adopt regular carbon auditing practices, and to showcase their commitments and good practices in carbon management, the Environmental Protection Department has developed this Carbon Reporting Website for listed companies.


This carbon disclosure initiative is supported by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx). HKEx promulgated an Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (ESG Guide) in August 2012. As a recommended practice, the ESG Guide stipulates that listed companies should report their greenhouse emissions and intensity, and to describe the measures adopted to mitigate emissions and the results achieved.


Disclosures through this website could also be referred to in the listed companies’ ESG report. Apart from disclosure of GHG emissions, listed companies will also share their success stories in carbon management through this website.


KS Wong

Secretary for the Environment