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    GHG emissions of Listed Companies sorted by:


Carbon Footprint Repository for Listed Companies in Hong Kong

GHG emissions of Listed Companies sorted by HSI Classification - Financials

The information below are the available greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reported directly by the listed companies in Hong Kong as a result of their business operations in Hong Kong and/or overseas, together with other related information such as their carbon reduction programmes on combating climate change.

All figures indicate Hong Kong data except those shown in italics which are global data provided by the listed companies. The information in bold are of those listed companies which pledged to submit their reporting forms for disclosure on this website.

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00. Energy     05. Materials     10. Industrials    
20. Consumer Goods      30. Consumer Services     35. Telecommunications     
40. Utilities     50. Financials     60. Properties & Construction    
70. Information Technology     80. Conglomerates           Companies without HSI Classification    


Carbon Disclosure Table by Listed Companies - Financials


Name of
Listed Company
Hang Seng Industry Classification

Reported GHG Emissions
in total
(Tonnes CO2-e)

Company Related Information
provided by the Listed Companies
for the Last Reporting Period

Summary of Carbon Footprint provided by Listed Companies CDP form / ESG report / Others Remarks
Floor Area
(HK$ million)
5HSBC Holdings plcFinancials
7Hoifu Energy Group Ltd.Financials
11Hang Seng BankFinancials
23The Bank of East Asia, LimitedFinancials
53Guoco Group Ltd.Financials
56Allied Properties (HK) Ltd.Financials
68Lee Hing Development Ltd.Financials
80China New Economy Fund Ltd.Financials
86Sun Hung Kai & Co. Ltd.Financials
109Good Fellow Resources Holdings Ltd.Financials
111Cinda International Holdings Ltd.Financials
112LT Holdings Ltd.Financials
120Cosmopolitan International Holdings Ltd.Financials
133China Merchants China Direct Investments Ltd.Financials
145Hong Kong Building and Loan Agency Ltd., TheFinancials
165China Everbright Ltd.Financials
170China Assets (Holdings) Ltd.Financials
171Silver Grant International Industries Ltd.Financials
172Goldbond Group Holdings Ltd.Financials
188Sunwah Kingsway Capital Holdings Ltd.Financials
204China Investment Development Ltd.Financials
211Styland Holdings Ltd.Financials
218Shenyin Wanguo (H.K.) Ltd.Financials
222Min Xin Holdings Ltd.Financials
227First Shanghai Investments Ltd.Financials
235China Strategic Holdings Ltd.Financials
273Willie International Holdings Ltd.Financials
279Freeman Financial Corporation Ltd.Financials
286G-Prop (Holdings) Ltd.Financials
290China Fortune Financial Group Ltd.Financials
310Prosperity Investment Holdings Ltd.Financials
335Upbest Group Ltd.Financials
339Earnest Investments Holdings Ltd.Financials
356Incutech Investments Ltd.Financials
372ITC Corporation Ltd.Financials
373Allied Group Ltd.Financials
376ReOrient Group Ltd.Financials
378CIAM Group Ltd.Financials
383COL Capital Ltd.Financials
388Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedFinancials
397Jun Yang Solar Power Investments Ltd.Financials
412Heritage International Holdings Ltd.Financials
428Harmony Asset Ltd.Financials
430Oriental Explorer Holdings Ltd.Financials
440Dah Sing Financial Holdings Ltd.Financials
510CASH Financial Services Group Ltd.Financials
530Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd.Financials
605China Financial Services Holdings Ltd.Financials
612China Investment Fund Co. Ltd.Financials
619South China Financial Holdings Ltd.Financials
626Public Financial Holdings Ltd.Financials1,600.6
662Asia Financial Holdings Ltd.Financials
665Haitong International Securities Group Ltd.Financials
666SHK Hong Kong Industries Ltd.Financials
717Emperor Capital Group Ltd.Financials
721China Financial International Investments Ltd.Financials
730Shougang Concord Grand (Group) Ltd.Financials
767Pacific Plywood Holdings Ltd.Financials
768UBA Investments Ltd.Financials
770Shanghai International Shanghai Growth Investment Ltd.Financials
806Value Partners Group Ltd.Financials
810Opes Asia Development Ltd.Financials
812Tanrich Financial Holdings Ltd.Financials
821Value Convergence Holdings Ltd.Financials
885Forefront Group Ltd.Financials
900Aeon Credit Service (Asia) Company LimitedFinancials
901Radford Capital Investment Ltd.Financials
905Mastermind Capital Ltd.Financials
913Unity Investments Holdings Ltd.Financials
939China Construction Bank Corporation - H SharesFinancials
945Manulife Financial CorporationFinancials
952Quam Ltd.Financials
966China Taiping Insurance Holdings Co. Ltd.Financials
993Simsen International Corporation Ltd.Financials
998China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
1004Rising Development Holdings Ltd.Financials
1019Convoy Financial Services Holdings Ltd.Financials
1031Kingston Financial Group Ltd.Financials
1062China Development Bank International Investment Ltd.Financials
1111Chong Hing Bank Ltd.Financials
1140OP Financial Investments Ltd.Financials
1160Grand Investment International Ltd.Financials
1217China Innovation Investment Ltd.Financials
1226China Investment and Finance Group Ltd.Financials
1227National Investments Fund Ltd.Financials
1273Hong Kong Finance Group LimitedFinancials
1288Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
1290China Huirong Financial Holdings LimitedFinancials
1299AIA Group Ltd.Financials56,551
1319Oi Wah Pawnshop Credit Holdings Ltd.Financials
1336New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
1339The People's Insurance Co. (Group) of China Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
1359China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
1375Central China Securities Co., Ltd.Financials
1398Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
1428Bright Smart Securities & Commodities Group Ltd.Financials
1456Guolian Securities Co., Ltd.Financials
1461LUZHENG FUTURES Company LimitedFinancials
1669Global International Credit Group LimitedFinancials
1776GF Securities Co., Ltd.Financials
1788Guotai Junan International Holdings LimitedFinancials
1963Bank of Chongqing Co., Ltd.Financials
1988China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
2066Shengjing Bank Co., Ltd.Financials
2312China Financial Leasing Group Ltd.Financials
2318Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. of China Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
2324Capital VC Ltd.Financials
2328PICC Property and Casualty Co. Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
2356Dah Sing Banking Group Ltd.Financials
2378Prudential plcFinancials
2388BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Ltd.Financials
2601China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
2628China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
2666Universal Medical Financial & Technical Advisory Services Company LimitedFinancials
2888Standard Chartered PLCFinancials
2953Goldin Financial Holdings Ltd.Financials
3328Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
3360Far East Horizon Ltd.Financials
3618Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
3623China Success Finance Group Holdings LimitedFinancials
3698Huishang Bank Corporation LimitedFinancials
3903Hanhua Financial Holding Co., Ltd.Financials
3968China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
3988Bank of China Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
4601Bk of China US Settled 6.75% Non-Cumulative Offshore PrefShsFinancials
4603ICBC USD 6.00% Non-Cum, Non-Part, Perpetual Offshore PrefShsFinancials
4604ICBC EUR 6.00% Non-Cum, Non-Part, Perpetual Offshore PrefShsFinancials
6030CITIC Securities Co. Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
6138Harbin Bank Co., Ltd.Financials
6161Target Insurance (Holdings) LimitedFinancials
6818China Everbright Bank Company LimitedFinancials
6837Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
6866Zuoli Kechuang Micro-finance Company LimitedFinancials
6878Differ Group Holding Company LimitedFinancials
6881China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. - H SharesFinancials
6886Huatai Securities Co., Ltd.Financials
8001Orient Securities International Holdings LimitedFinancials
8009Chinese Energy Holdings Ltd.Financials
8020Chanceton Financial Group Ltd.Financials
8030Flying Financial Service Holdings Ltd.Financials
8072Roma Group Ltd.Financials
8077KVB Kunlun Financial Group Ltd.Financials
8088Crosby Capital Ltd.Financials
8089Chinese Strategic Holdings Ltd.Financials
8090China Assurance Finance Group Ltd.Financials
8097Pinestone Capital LimitedFinancials
8098CL Group (Holdings) Ltd.Financials
8123First China Financial Network Holdings Ltd.Financials
8193GreaterChina Professional Services Ltd.Financials
8207Credit China Holdings Ltd.Financials
8215First Credit Finance Group Ltd.Financials
8295Asian Capital Holdings Ltd.Financials
8325Oriental City Group Holdings Ltd.Financials
8340Vinco Financial Group Ltd.Financials
84602ICBC RMB 6.00% Non-Cum, Non-Part, Perpetual Offshore PrefShsFinancials

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Note to users:

This website aims to facilitate disclosure of information by listed companies on:

- how ready are listed companies in disclosing their carbon data systematically and transparently;
- how reporting companies are managing and reducing their carbon emissions over time;
- how prepared are Hong Kong listed companies in coping with the challenges and opportunities from climate change.

User may get an overview of the GHG emissions of listed companies in Hong Kong who have chosen to disclose their carbon emissions data through this website.

Due to the varied business structures and activities of listed companies, reporting companies may apply different boundaries (in terms of business operation and geographical coverage) during this initial reporting phase. Hence comparison of the present carbon data by different companies is not recommended.

Since provision of the GHG emission information to the Government is voluntary and that there may be time lag between the listed companies’ submission to EPD and the posting of the same on this website, the information on this website is not exhaustive in listing out all the Hong Kong listed companies which have engaged in GHG emissions reporting.

The data of “Full Time Equivalent Employee”, “Gross Floor Area” and “Revenue” provided by the listed companies are referring to that covered in the reported GHG emission data during the last reporting period.


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