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    GHG emissions of Listed Companies sorted by:


Carbon Footprint Repository for Listed Companies in Hong Kong

GHG emissions of Listed Companies sorted by HSI Classification - Companies without HSI Classification

The information below are the available greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reported directly by the listed companies in Hong Kong as a result of their business operations in Hong Kong and/or overseas, together with other related information such as their carbon reduction programmes on combating climate change.

All figures indicate Hong Kong data except those shown in italics which are global data provided by the listed companies. The information in bold are of those listed companies which pledged to submit their reporting forms for disclosure on this website.

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00. Energy     05. Materials     10. Industrials    
20. Consumer Goods      30. Consumer Services     35. Telecommunications     
40. Utilities     50. Financials     60. Properties & Construction    
70. Information Technology     80. Conglomerates           Companies without HSI Classification    


Carbon Disclosure Table by Listed Companies - Companies without HSI Classification


Name of
Listed Company
Hang Seng Industry Classification

Reported GHG Emissions
in total
(Tonnes CO2-e)

Company Related Information
provided by the Listed Companies
for the Last Reporting Period

Summary of Carbon Footprint provided by Listed Companies CDP form / ESG report / Others Remarks
Floor Area
(HK$ million)
331FSE Engineering Holdings Ltd.
405Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust
416Bank of Jinzhou Co., Ltd. - H Shares
435Sunlight Real Estate Investment Trust
436New Universe Environmental Group Ltd.
625RREEF China Commercial Trust
722UMP Healthcare Holdings Ltd.
772China Literature Ltd.
778Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust
784Ling Yui Holdings Limited
788China Tower Corporation Limited
7977Road Holdings Limited
804Pinestone Capital Limited
807SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd.
808Prosperity Real Estate Investment Trust
820HSBC China Dragon Fund
823The Link Real Estate Investment Trust
863Branding China Group Ltd.
932RM Group Holdings Ltd.
974China Shun Ke Long Holdings Ltd.
994Win Win Way Construction Holdings Ltd.
1034Fullwealth Construction Holdings Company Limited
1183MECOM Power and Construction Limited
1197China Hengshi Foundation Co. Ltd.
1216Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd.
1243Wang On Properties Ltd.
1257China Everbright Greentech Limited
1272Datang Environment Industry Group Co., Ltd.
1275New Century Real Estate Investment Trust
1337Razer Inc.
1341Clear Lift Holdings Ltd.
1357Meitu, Inc.
1389Major Holdings Ltd.
1417Riverine China Holdings Limited
1419Human Health Holdings Ltd.
1420Chuan Holdings Ltd.
1426Spring Real Estate Investment Trust
1447SFK Construction Holdings Ltd.
1451MS Group Holdings Limited
1452Denox Environmental & Technology Holdings Ltd.
1458Zhou Hei Ya International Holdings Company Limited
1459Jujiang Construction Group Co., Ltd. - H Shares
1460ICO Group Limited
1469Get Nice Financial Group Ltd.
1475Nissin Foods Company Limited
1476Hengtai Securities Co., Ltd. - H Shares
1483U Banquet Group Holding Ltd.
1486C Cheng Holdings Ltd.
1492China ZhongDi Dairy Holdings Co. Ltd.
1495Jiyi Household International Holdings Ltd.
1496AP Rentals Holdings Ltd.
1499LEAP Holdings Group Ltd.
1508China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation - H Shares
1518New Century Healthcare Holding Co. Limited
1523Plover Bay Technologies Ltd.
1526Rici Healthcare Holdings Limited
1527Zhejiang Tengy Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. - H Shares
1532China Partytime Culture Holdings Ltd.
1533Lanzhou Zhuangyuan Pasture Co., Ltd. - H Shares
1536Yuk Wing Group Holdings Limited
1538Zhong Ao Home Group Ltd.
1539Synergy Group Holdings International Limited
1540Left Field Printing Group Limited
1543Guangdong Join-Share Financing Guarantee Invest Co Ltd-H Shs
1546Thelloy Development Group Limited
1547IBI Group Holdings Limited
1548Genscript Biotech Corporation
1549Ever Harvest Group Holdings Ltd.
1551Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
1552BHCC Holding Limited
1556Chinney Kin Wing Holdings Ltd.
1557K. H. Group Holdings Ltd.
1558YiChang HEC ChangJiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - H Shares
1559Kwan On Holdings Ltd.
1560Star Properties Group (Cayman Islands) Ltd.
1561Manfield Chemical Holdings Ltd.
1565Virscend Education Co. Ltd.
1568Sundart Holdings Ltd.
1569Minsheng Education Group Company Limited
1570Weiye Holdings Ltd.
1571Xin Point Holdings Limited
1572China Art Financial Holdings Limited
1573China Unienergy Group Ltd.
1575Morris Holdings Limited
1576Qilu Expressway Company Limited
1577Quanzhou Huixin Micro-credit Co., Ltd.
1578Bank of Tianjin Co., Ltd. - H Shares
1579Yihai International Holding Ltd.
1580Da Sen Holdings Group Limited
1581Progressive Path Group Holdings Limited
1583Qinqin Foodstuffs Group (Cayman) Co. Ltd.
1585Yadea Group Holdings Ltd.
1586China Leon Inspection Holding Ltd.
1587Shineroad International Holdings Limited
1589China Logistics Property Holdings Co., Ltd.
1591Shun Wo Group Holdings Limited
1592Anchorstone Holdings Limited
1596Hebei Yichen Industrial Group Corporation Limited
1598China 21st Century Education Group Limited
1606China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. - H Shs
1608VPower Group International Holdings Limited
1609Chong Kin Group Holdings Limited
1610COFCO Meat Holdings Limited
1611Pantronics Holdings Limited
1612Vincent Medical Holdings Ltd.
1615AB Builders Group Limited
1617Nanfang Communication Holdings Limited
1620CTEH Inc.
1621Vico International Holdings Limited
1627Able Engineering Holdings Limited
1629Mengke Holdings Limited
1630Kin Shing Holdings Limited
1631REF Holdings Limited
1632Minshang Creative Technology Holdings Limited
1633Sheung Yue Group Holdings Limited
1635Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd.
1637SH Group (Holdings) Limited
1647Grandshores Technology Group Limited
1649Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd.
1651Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation Limited
1652Fusen Pharmaceutical Company Limited
1653MOS House Group Limited
1655Okura Holdings Limited
1656ISDN Holdings Limited
1658Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd. - H Shares
1659Haitian Energy International Limited
1660Zhaobangji Properties Holdings Limited
1662Yee Hop Holdings Ltd.
1665Pentamaster International Limited
1667Milestone Builder Holdings Limited
1671Tianjin Tianbao Energy Co., Ltd.
1672Ascletis Pharma Inc.
1676China Shenghai Food Holdings Company Limited
1679Risecomm Group Holdings Limited
1683LC Group Holdings Ltd.
1690Lap Kei Engineering (Holdings) Limited
1693BGMC International Limited
1695S&P International Holding Limited
1696Sisram Medical Ltd
1697Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd.
1702Dongguang Chemical Limited
1705B & S International Holdings Ltd.
1706Shuang Yun Holdings Limited
1707Geotech Holdings Ltd.
1709Season Pacific Holdings Limited
1710Trio Industrial Electronics Group Limited
1711Ulferts International Limited
1712Dragon Mining Limited
1715MIJI International Holdings Limited
1716Most Kwai Chung Limited
1718Wan Kei Group Holdings Ltd.
1719China Infrastructure & Logistics Group Ltd.
1720Putian Communication Group Limited
1721FSM Holdings Limited
1722Kin Pang Holdings Limited
1723HK Asia Holdings Limited
1725Eternity Technology Holdings Limited
1726HKE Holdings Limited
1727Hebei Construction Group Corporation Limited
1729Time Interconnect Technology Limited
1730LHN Limited
1731Prosperous Industrial (Holdings) Limited
1735Wang Yang Holdings Limited
1736China Parenting Network Holdings Limited
1737A & S Group (Holdings) Limited
1739Qeeka Home (Cayman) Inc.
1741Shing Chi Holdings Limited
1742HPC Holdings Limited
1746Man Shun Group (Holdings) Limited
1748Xin Yuan Enterprises Group Limited
1749Shanshan Brand Management Company Limited
1750REM Group (Holdings) Limited
1751Kingland Group Holdings Limited
1752Top Education Group Ltd
1755Xinchengyue Holdings Limited
1757Affluent Foundation Holdings Limited
1758Bojun Education Company Limited
1760Intron Technology Holdings Limited
1763China Isotope & Radiation Corporation
1765Hope Education Group Co., Ltd.
1772Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd.
1773Tianli Education International Holdings Limited
1775BExcellent Group Holdings Limited
1781Sun Cheong Creative Development Holdings Limited
1783Golden Ponder Holdings Limited
1786CRCC High-Tech Equipment Corporation Ltd. - H Shares
1787Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd.
1789AK Medical Holdings Limited
1799Xinte Energy Co., Ltd. - H Shares
1801Innovent Biologics, Inc.
1806Huifu Payment Limited
1809Prinx Chengshan (Cayman) Holding Limited
1810Xiaomi Corporation
1815CSMall Group Limited
1825Sterling Group Holdings Limited
1826Dafy Holdings Limited
1835Shanghai Realway Capital Assets Management Co., Ltd.
1869Li Bao Ge Group Limited
1881Regal Real Estate Investment Trust
1885China Wood Optimization (Holding) Limited
1894Hang Yick Holdings Company Limited
1911China Renaissance Holdings Limited
1916Jiangxi Bank Co., Ltd.
1932CPM Group Limited
1933OneForce Holdings Limited
1939Tokyo Chuo Auction Holdings Limited
1962Evergreen Products Group Limited
1969China Chunlai Education Group Co., Ltd.
1970IMAX China Holding, Inc.
1975Sun Hing Printing Holdings Limited
1978LH Group Limited
1979Ten Pao Group Holdings Ltd.
1982Nameson Holdings Ltd.
1985Microware Group Limited
1989Pine Care Group Limited
1990Xinghua Port Holdings Ltd.
1996Redsun Properties Group Limited
1997Wharf Real Estate Investment Co. Ltd.
2001China New Higher Education Group Limited
2003VCREDIT Holdings Limited
2016China Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd. - H Shares
2017Chanhigh Holdings Limited
2022Digital Hollywood Interactive Limited
2025Ruifeng Power Group Company Limited
2031Ausupreme International Holdings Limited
2048E-House (China) Enterprise Holdings Limited
205151 Credit Card Inc.
2113CHerish Holdings Limited
2116Jiangsu Innovative Ecological New Materials Limited
2119Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited
2120Wenzhou Kangning Hospital Co., Ltd. - H Shares
2122Kidsland International Holdings Limited
2136Lifestyle China Group Ltd.
2138Union Medical Healthcare Ltd.
2139Bank of Gansu Co., Ltd.
2166Smart-Core Holdings Limited
2182Tian Chang Group Holdings Ltd.
2199Regina Miracle International (Holdings) Ltd.
2203Top Dynamic International Holdings Limited
2225Kakiko Group Limited
2227Solis Holdings Limited
2232Crystal International Group Limited
2239SMIT Holdings Ltd.
2262Steve Leung Design Group Limited
2278Hailan Holdings Ltd.
2281Luzhou Xinglu Water (Group) Co., Ltd.
2289Charmacy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - H Shares
2292Thing On Enterprise Limited
2293Bamboos Health Care Holdings Limited
2337United Strength Power Holdings Limited
2363Tongda Hong Tai Holdings Limited
2377China Boqi Environmental (Holding) Co., Ltd.
2448Space Group Holdings Limited
2552Hua Medicine
2588BOC Aviation Ltd.
2611Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd.
2633Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited
2663KPa-BM Holdings Limited
2669China Overseas Property Holdings Ltd.
2680Innovax Holdings Limited
2683Wah Sun Handbags International Holdings Limited
2708IBO Technology Company Limited
2738Huajin International Holdings Ltd.
2768Jiayuan International Group Ltd.
2778Champion Real Estate Investment Trust
2779China Xinhua Education Group Limited
2799China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. - H Shares
2800Tracker Fund of Hong Kong
2801iShares MSCI China Index ETF
2802iShares MSCI Emerging Asia Index ETF
2805Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan Index ETF
2808E Fund Citi Chinese Government Bond 5-10 Years Index ETF
2811Haitong CSI300 Index ETF
2816db x-trackers CSI300 Real Estate Index ETF
2817W.I.S.E.-CSI HK Listed Mainland Consumption Tracker
2818PAragon CSI RAFI 50 ETF
2819ABF Hong Kong Bond Index
2821ABF Pan Asia Bond Index Fund
2822CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF
2823iShares FTSE/ Xinhua A50 China Index ETF
2824Lippo Select HK & Mainland Property ETF
2825W.I.S.E. - CSI HK 100 Tracker
2827W.I.S.E. - CSI 300 China Tracker
2828Hang Seng H-share Index ETF
2829iShares CSI A-Share Financials Index ETF
2830ETFS Physical Gold ETF
2832Bosera FTSE China A50 Index ETF
2833Hang Seng Index ETF
2835Horizons KOSPI 200 ETF
2836iShares S&P BSE SENSEX India Index ETF
2838Hang Seng FTSE China 25 Index ETF
2839W.I.S.E.-CSI HK Listed Mainland Real Estate Tracker
2840SPDR Gold Trust
2841iShares CSI A-Share Consumer Staples Index ETF
2842CMS CSI Overseas Mainland Enterprises ETF
2844db x-trackers CSI300 Financials Index ETF
2846iShares CSI 300 A-Share Index ETF
2848db x-trackers MSCI Korea TRN Index ETF
2858Yixin Group Limited
2863Golden Faith Group Holdings Limited
2869Greentown Service Group Co. Ltd.
2914China Gas Holdings Ltd.
2920Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation
2973CK Infrastructure Holdings Ltd.
2978Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd.
2993China New Energy Power Group Ltd.
2997Lerado Financial Group Co. Ltd.
3001iShares CSI A-Share Consumer Discretionary Index ETF
3002Polaris Taiwan Top 50 Tracker Fund (H.K.)
3004iShares MSCI Asia APEX Small Cap Index ETF
3005db x-trackers CSI300 Industrials Index ETF
3006iShares CSI A-Share Infrastructure Index ETF
3007db x-trackers FTSE/Xinhua China 25 ETF
3008C-Shares CSI 300 Index ETF
3009db x-trackers MSCI Emerging Markets TRN Index ETF
3010iShares MSCI Asia APEX 50 Index ETF
3011db x-trackers US Dollar Cash ETF
3015db x-trackers S&P CNX Nifty ETF
3017db x-trackers CSI300 Energy Index ETF
3019db x-trackers MSCI World TRN Index ETF
3020db x-trackers MSCI USA TRN Index ETF
3024W.I.S.E. - SSE 50 China Tracker
3025db x-trackers CSI300 Consumer Discretionary Index ETF
3027db x-trackers MSCI Russia Capped Index ETF
3029XIE Shares Malaysia (FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI) ETF
3031XIE Shares Indonesia (LQ45) ETF
3032iShares MSCI Asia APEX Mid Cap Index ETF
3035db x-trackers MSCI EM Asia TRN Index ETF
3036db x-trackers MSCI Taiwan TRN Index ETF
3037XIE Shares Philippines (PSEi) ETF
3039iShares CSI A-Share Materials Index ETF
3040Horizons MSCI China ETF
3041Value Korea ETF
3043db x-trackers MSCI Pacific Ex Japan TRN Index ETF
3045db x-trackers MSCI India TRN Index ETF
3046Value China ETF
3048db x-trackers MSCI Brazil TRN Index ETF
3049db x-trackers CSI300 Index ETF
3050iShares CSI A-Share Energy Index ETF
3051CICC-SZSE 100 Index Tracker
3052db x-trackers CSI300 Utilities Index ETF
3054Horizons S&P Emerging Asia Consumer ETF
3055db x-trackers MSCI China TRN Index ETF
3056Horizons S&P Global Consumer Brands ETF
3057db x-trackers CSI300 Health Care Index ETF
3060Value Taiwan ETF
3061db x-trackers CSI300 Banks Index ETF
3062db x-trackers CSI300 Materials Index ETF
3063db x-trackers CSI300 Transportation Index ETF
3064Horizons S&P Asia ex JANZ Financials ETF
3066Horizons S&P Asia ex JANZ IT ETF
3069XIE Shares Thailand (SET50) ETF
3070Ping An of China CSI HK Dividend ETF
3071Da Cheng CSI China Mainland Consumer Tracker
3072Ping An of China CSI HK Mid Cap Select ETF
3073SPDR FTSE Greater China ETF
3075Horizons S&P Asia ex JANZ Industrials ETF
3076Horizons S&P Asia ex JANZ Energy ETF
3078Horizons S&P Asia ex JANZ Materials ETF
3081Value Gold ETF
3082db x-trackers MSCI Malaysia TRN Index ETF
3084Value Japan ETF
3085Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan High Dividend Yield Index ETF
3087db x-trackers FTSE Vietnam ETF
3089XIE Shares Taiwan (TAIEX) ETF
3090XIE Shares Korea (KOSPI 200) ETF
3091XIE Shares India (CNX Nifty) ETF
3092db x-trackers MSCI Thailand TRN Index ETF
3095Value China A-Share ETF
3098Ping An of China CSI RAFI HK50 ETF
3099db x-trackers MSCI Indonesia TRN Index ETF
3100E Fund CSI 100 A-Share Index ETF
3101Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe Index ETF
3107C-Shares CSI Consumer Staples Index ETF
3110Horizons Hang Seng High Dividend Yield ETF
3117ETFS Physical Silver ETF
3118Harvest MSCI China A Index ETF
3119ETFS Physical Platinum ETF
3120E Fund CES China 120 Index ETF
3122CSOP China Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF
3124KODEX HSI Futures ETF
3126Vanguard FTSE Japan Index ETF
3127Horizons CSI 300 ETF
3128Hang Seng China A Industry Top Index ETF
3132C-Shares CSI Healthcare Index ETF
3136Harvest MSCI China A 50 Index ETF
3137CSOP CES China A80 ETF
3139iShares RMB Bond Index ETF
3140Vanguard S&P 500 Index ETF
3141BMO Asia USD Investment Grade Bond ETF
3143BMO Hong Kong Banks ETF
3145BMO Asia High Dividend ETF
3150Harvest CSI Smallcap 500 Index ETF
3161XIE Shares FTSE Chimerica ETF
3180ChinaAMC CES China A80 Index ETF
3188ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index ETF
3199CSOP China 5-Year Treasury Bond ETF
3301Ronshine China Holdings Ltd.
3302Kinergy Corporation Ltd.
3306JNBY Design Limited
3309C-MER Eye Care Holdings Limited
3319A-Living Services Co., Ltd.
3320China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.
3326Perfect Group International Holdings Ltd.
3329BOCOM International Holdings Company Limited
3358Bestway Global Holding Inc.
3395Persta Resources Inc.
3600Modern Dental Group Ltd.
3613Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company Limited
3616Ever Reach Group (Holdings) Company Limited
3626Hang Sang (Siu Po) International Holding Co. Ltd.
3638Goldenmars Technology Holdings Ltd.
3678Holly Futures Co., Ltd. - H Shares
3686Clifford Modern Living Holdings Limited
3689Guangdong Kanghua Healthcare Co., Ltd.
3690Meituan Dianping
3700Inke Limited
3728Ching Lee Holdings Limited
3738Vobile Group Limited
3768Kunming Dianchi Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
3773NNK Group Ltd.
3789Royal Deluxe Holdings Limited
3799Dali Foods Group Co. Ltd.
3830Kiddieland International Limited
3848Wealthy Way Group Limited
3866Bank of Qingdao Co., Ltd. - H Shares
3869Hospital Corporation of China Limited
3878Vicon Holdings Limited
3893CROSSTEC Group Holdings Limited
3908China International Capital Corporation Ltd. - H Shares
3919Golden Power Group Holdings Limited
3958DFZQ - H Shares
3963China Rongzhong Financial Holdings Co. Ltd.
3966China Baofeng (International) Ltd.
3969China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Ltd. -H Shs
3990Midea Real Estate Holding Limited
3996China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd. - H Shares
3997Telecom Service One Holdings Limited
4332Amgen Inc.
4333Cisco Systems, Inc.
4335Intel Corporation
4336Applied Materials, Inc.
4337Starbucks Corporation
4338Microsoft Corporation
4605Bank of Comm USD 5.00% Non-Cum Perpetual Offshore Pref Shs
4606Ch Constr Bank USD 4.65% Non-Cum Perpetual Offshore Pref Shs
6033Telecom Digital Holdings Limited
6036Apex Ace Holdings Limited
6038G & M Holdings Limited
6060ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd.
6066CSC Financial Co., Ltd.
6068Wisdom Education International Holdings Company Limited
6080Wing Chi Holdings Limited
6083World-Link Logistics (Asia) Holding Limited
6088FIT Hon Teng Limited
6090Centurion Corporation Limited
6098Country Garden Services Holdings Company Limited
6099China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd.
6100Wise Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd
6111DaFa Properties Group Limited
6113UTS Marketing Solutions Holdings Limited
6119Tian Yuan Group Holdings Limited
6122Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank Corporation Limited
6158Zhenro Properties Group Limited
6160BeiGene, Ltd.
6163Gemilang International Limited
6169China YuHua Education Corporation Limited
6178Everbright Securities Co. Ltd. - H Shares
6182Twintek Investment Holdings Limited
6189Guangdong Adway Construction (Group) Holdings Company Limited
6190Bank of Jiujiang Co., Ltd.
6196Bank of Zhengzhou Co., Ltd. - H Shares
6816Prosper Construction Holdings Ltd.
6829Dragon Rise Group Holdings Limited
6833Sinco Pharmaceuticals Holdings Ltd.
6858Honma Golf Limited
6860FingerTango Inc.
6862Haidilao International Holding Ltd.
6865Flat Glass Group Co., Ltd. - H Shares
6877KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited
6885Henan Jinma Energy Company Limited
6896Golden Throat Holdings Group Co. Ltd.
8012World-Link Logistics (Asia) Holding Ltd.
8013ECI Technology Holdings Limited
8023Kwong Man Kee Group Limited
8035Janco Holdings Limited
8039KNK Holdings Limited
8040DCB Holdings Limited
8042KOS International Holdings Limited
8043Atlinks Group Limited
8052Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Limited
8056Dining Concepts Holdings Ltd
8057Madison Wine Holdings Ltd.
8062EFT Solutions Holdings Limited
8065KML Technology Group Limited
8069WWPKG Holdings Company Limited
8070Keen Ocean International Holding Ltd.
8073China Singyes New Materials Holdings Limited
8091OOH Holdings Limited
8102Li Bao Ge Group Ltd.
8113Hi-Level Technology Holdings Ltd.
8118Bortex Global Limited
8122Thelloy Development Group Ltd.
8127Season Pacific Holdings Ltd.
8136IMS Group Holdings Limited
8141KPa-BM Holdings Ltd.
8142Tak Lee Machinery Holdings Limited
8149Altus Holdings Limited
8151Bao Shen Holdings Limited
8152M&L Holdings Group Limited
8157XiangXing International Holding Limited
8160Goldway Education Group Limited
8161MediNet Group Ltd.
8168Amasse Capital Holdings Limited
8177REF Holdings Ltd.
8182China Candy Holdings Ltd.
8183Speed Apparel Holding Limited
8187Ever Smart International Holdings Ltd.
8188GME Group Holdings Limited
8196Great Water Holdings Ltd.
8199China Wan Tong Yuan (Holdings) Limited
8217Luen Wong Group Holdings Ltd.
8221PF Group Holdings Limited
8223Ziyuanyuan Holdings Group Limited
8229Future Data Group Ltd.
8230China Yu Tian Holdings Ltd.
8231PFC Device. Inc.
8232Classified Group (Holdings) Ltd.
8240Goal Forward Holdings Limited
8241Ying Kee Tea House Group Limited
8245On Real International Holdings Ltd.
8248FDB Holdings Ltd.
8251A.Plus Group Holdings Ltd.
8252Yangzhou Guangling District Taihe Rural Micro-finance Company Limited
8257Genes Tech Group Holdings Company Limited
8259Hon Corporation Limited
8262Super Strong Holdings Ltd.
8275Beaver Group (Holding) Company Limited
8278CMON Limited
8280China Digital Video Holdings Ltd.
8281China Golden Classic Group Ltd.
8282Gameone Holdings Ltd.
8283Zheng Li Holdings Limited
8285Sling Group Holdings Limited
8287Zioncom Holdings Limited
8290Ahsay Backup Software Development Co. Ltd.
8291Wan Cheng Metal Packaging Company Limited
8292Worldgate Global Logistics Ltd.
8293SingAsia Holdings Ltd.
8297My Heart Bodibra Group Limited
8300Royal Catering Group Holdings Co. Ltd.
8308Gudou Holdings Limited
8309Man Shing Global Holdings Limited
8313ZACD Group Ltd. 
8316Pak Wing Group (Holdings) Ltd.
8318Ching Lee Holdings Ltd.
8319Expert Systems Holdings Ltd.
8321Tai Kam Holdings Limited
8327Top Dynamic International Holdings Ltd.
8328Xinyi Automobile Glass Hong Kong Enterprises Ltd.
8331Feishang Non-metal Materials Technology Ltd.
8333Astrum Financial Holdings Ltd.
8341Aeso Holding Limited
8342Vixtel Technologies Holdings Limited
8343HongGuang Lighting Holdings Company Limited
8345Fire Rock Holdings Ltd.
8346TEM Holdings Ltd.
8347F8 Enterprises (Holdings) Group Limited
8349MEIGU Technology Holding Group Limited
8350Excalibur Global Financial Holdings Limited
8353Anacle Systems Limited
8357Republic Healthcare Limited
8358Miricor Enterprises Holdings Limited
8359Hypebeast Ltd.
8360AL Group Ltd.
8362Winning Tower Group Holdings Limited
8365VBG International Holdings Limited
8366Fraser Holdings Ltd.
8367Simplicity Holding Limited
8368Creative China Holdings Ltd.
8369Lap Kei Engineering (Holdings) Ltd.
8370Zhi Sheng Group Holdings Limited
8371Taste • Gourmet Group Limited
8372Grand Brilliance Group Holdings Limited
8373Indigo Star Holdings Limited
8375Vertical International Holdings Limited
8376Fineland Real Estate Services Group Limited
8377Shen You Holdings Limited
8379Prime Intelligence Solutions Group Limited
8383Linocraft Holdings Limited
8385Prosperous Printing Company Limited
8391Elegance Commercial and Financial Printing Group Limited
8392Grand Peace Group Holdings Ltd.
8393KPM Holding Ltd.
8395Tree Holdings Limited
8400Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Limited
8401Stream Ideas Group Limited
8402GT Steel Construction Group Limited
8403Dowway Holdings Limited
8405Hang Chi Holdings Limited
8406Alpha Era International Holdings Limited
8407China Industrial Securities International Financial Group Limited
8409WINDMILL Group Limited
8410Edvance International Holdings Limited
8411K W Nelson Interior Design and Contracting Group Limited
8412BCI Group Holdings Limited
8413Asia Grocery Distribution Limited
8415LKS Holding Group Limited
8416HM International Holdings Limited
8417Dadi Education Holdings Limited
8419AV Promotions Holdings Limited
8420Nexion Technologies Limited
8421Winson Holdings Hong Kong Limited
8422WT Group Holdings Limited
8423Chi Ho Development Holdings Limited
8425Hing Ming Holdings Limited
8426Modern Living Investments Holdings Limited
8427SK Target Group Limited
8428CBK Holdings Limited
8429Icicle Group Holdings Limited
8430C&N Holdings Limited
8431Hao Bai International (Cayman) Limited
8432Bar Pacific Group Holdings Limited
8436Takbo Group Holdings Limited
8437RMH Holdings Limited
8439Somerley Capital Holdings Limited
8442SG Group Holdings Limited
8445Noble Engineering Group Holdings Limited
8446In Technical Productions Holdings Limited
8447MS Concept Limited
8448Universe Printshop Holdings Limited
8450EDICO Holdings Limited
8451Sunlight (1977) Holdings Limited
8452FY Financial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
8455Lai Group Holding Company Limited
8456Mansion International Holdings Limited
8457Goal Rise Logistics (China) Holdings Limited
8460Basetrophy Group Holdings Limited
8462Omnibridge Holdings Limited
8463TOMO Holdings Limited
8465Transtech Optelecom Science Holdings Limited
8469Sheng Ye Capital Limited
8470Lumina Group Limited
8471Reach New Holdings Limited
8472Lapco Holdings Limited
8473Mi Ming Mart Holdings Limited
8475K Group Holdings Limited
8476Ocean One Holding Ltd.
8479JTF International Holdings Limited
8480Furniweb Holdings Limited
8481Shenglong Splendecor International Limited
8482Wan Leader International Limited
8483Max Sight Group Holdings Limited
8485Smart Globe Holdings Limited
8487ISP Global Limited
8490Niche-Tech Group Limited
8491Cool Link (Holdings) Limited
8493Dragon King Group Holdings Limited
84951957 & Co. (Hospitality) Limited
8501Sanbase Corporation Limited
8502Ocean Line Port Development Limited
8506China Futex Holdings Limited
8507i.century Holding Limited
8509Wine's Link International Holdings Limited
8510Top Standard Corporation
8511Zhicheng Technology Group Ltd.
8512Hyfusin Group Holdings Limited
8513IAG Holdings Limited
8516Grand Talents Group Holdings Limited
8519Jia Group Holdings Limited
8521ST International Holdings Company Limited
8522Gain Plus Holdings Limited
8523Sheung Moon Holdings Limited
8525Byleasing Holdings Limited
8526Wing Fung Group Asia Limited
8527JLogo Holdings Limited
8532Polyfair Holdings Limited
8535Vistar Holdings Limited
8536TL Natural Gas Holdings Limited
8540Victory Securities (Holdings) Company Limited
8545Amuse Group Holding Limited
8547Pacific Legend Group Limited
8601Boltek Holdings Limited
8603Fameglow Holdings Limited
8606Kinetix Systems Holdings Limited
8609Eggriculture Foods Ltd.
8611Mindtell Technology Limited
8613Oriental Payment Group Holdings Limited
8619WAC Holdings Limited
82808E Fund Citi Chinese Government Bond 5-10 Years Index ETF
82811Haitong CSI300 Index ETF
82822CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF
82832Bosera FTSE China A50 Index ETF
83008C-Shares CSI 300 Index ETF
83081Value Gold ETF
83095Value China A-Share ETF
83100E Fund CSI 100 A-Share Index ETF
83107C-Shares CSI Consumer Staples Index ETF
83118Harvest MSCI China A Index ETF
83120E Fund CES China 120 Index ETF
83122CSOP China Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF
83127Horizons CSI 300 ETF
83128Hang Seng China A Industry Top Index ETF
83132C-Shares CSI Healthcare Index ETF
83136Harvest MSCI China A 50 Index ETF
83137CSOP CES China A80 ETF
83139iShares RMB Bond Index ETF
83147CSOP SZSE ChiNext ETF
83150Harvest CSI Smallcap 500 Index ETF
83168Hang Seng RMB Gold ETF
83180ChinaAMC CES China A80 Index ETF
83188ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index ETF
83199CSOP China 5-Year Treasury Bond ETF

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Note to users:

This website aims to facilitate disclosure of information by listed companies on:

- how ready are listed companies in disclosing their carbon data systematically and transparently;
- how reporting companies are managing and reducing their carbon emissions over time;
- how prepared are Hong Kong listed companies in coping with the challenges and opportunities from climate change.

User may get an overview of the GHG emissions of listed companies in Hong Kong who have chosen to disclose their carbon emissions data through this website.

Due to the varied business structures and activities of listed companies, reporting companies may apply different boundaries (in terms of business operation and geographical coverage) during this initial reporting phase. Hence comparison of the present carbon data by different companies is not recommended.

Since provision of the GHG emission information to the Government is voluntary and that there may be time lag between the listed companies’ submission to EPD and the posting of the same on this website, the information on this website is not exhaustive in listing out all the Hong Kong listed companies which have engaged in GHG emissions reporting.

The data of “Full Time Equivalent Employee”, “Gross Floor Area” and “Revenue” provided by the listed companies are referring to that covered in the reported GHG emission data during the last reporting period.


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