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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The “Environmental Protection Department” (“EPD”) is committed to implementing and complying with the data protection principles and all relevant provisions of the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” (“PDPO”).

Kinds of Personal Data Held

Two broad categories of personal data are held for this website for different purposes:

1. Carbon Footprint Repository Related Personal Data – Personal data collected during implementation or promotion of this website, such as website updates, promotion activities, visitor education, etc.

2. Other Records – Personal data collected during various administrative and general business operations, general enquiries, complaints, access for information, etc.

Main Purpose of keeping Personal Data

1. Carbon Footprint Repository Related Personal Data are kept to facilitate the implementation and promotion of this website and to enable communication with our stakeholders.

2. Other Records are kept for various purposes which vary according to the nature of the record, such as administration of various office functions and activities, handling of public enquiries, etc.

Privacy Practices


The EPD is following the Data Protection Principles under the PDPO in discharging our functions and duties:

  • collecting adequate but not excessive personal data for a purpose related to the functions and activities of the EPD by lawful and fair means, and informing the purpose of collection beforehand;
  • taking all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that personal data are accurate, up-to-date and kept no longer than necessary;
  • using the personal data collected only for purposes or directly related purposes at the time of collection, unless the individual concerned has given consent to a change of use or such use is permitted by law;
  • taking all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that personal data are protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use;
  • taking all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that a person can be informed of the kinds of personal data that the EPD holds and the purposes for which the data are to be used; and
  • processing access / correction of personal data by data subjects according to the requirements of the PDPO.

Collection of Personal Data Online

  • The EPD will record visits to this website without collecting any personal identifiable information.
  • For different purposes and at different times, users may be invited to provide personal data to the EPD through the website on a voluntary basis. The data will be collected and handled in accordance with our general personal data practice in following the Data Protection Principles above. The data will be secured by the “Secure Socket Layer” (“SSL”) encryption technology with our website during network transmissions with access restricted to authorized personnel only.
  • When browsing this website, users may have cookies temporarily stored in their computer. The purpose of cookies is to facilitate navigation only. We will not collect any personal data under this circumstance. Users have a choice not to accept the cookies by configurating their internet browser settings, but in this case, full functionality of this website may not be properly provided.
  • Search service on this website is provided by an independent contractor of “Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” (“the Government”). The independent contractor does not collect personal identifiable information while serving search results through our website. The independent contractor will share the anonymous data it collects through the search service for compiling traffic analysis on our website. The EPD will not match the data obtained from any such search activity with any personal data possibly held by us.

Outsourcing arrangements

This website is developed and maintained by local third-party service providers. All EPD service providers are bound by contractual duty to keep confidential any data they come into contact with against unauthorised access, use and retention.

Disclosure of personal data

The personal data collected through this website is used only for purposes directly related to the administrative functions and activities of this website. No personal data will be transferred to any other parties outside of the scope as detailed in section “Main Purpose of keeping Personal Data”.

Data access and correction

Data access requests should be made by contacting the Carbon Footprint Repository Helpdesk of this website. Contact details for data access and correction requests to the EPD may be found in each “Personal Information Collection Statement” (“PICS”).

When handling a data access or correction request, the Carbon Footprint Repository Helpdesk will check the identity of the requester to ensure that he/she is the person legally entitled to make the data access or correction request. An Internal Log Book is maintained as required under section 27 of the PDPO.